Go through our exposition with roof windows, presented at the exhibition DESIGNBLOK 2020, held in The Monastery of St. Gabrielle in Prague.

All installed windows are in the middle format 80×122 centimeters. On the left side there are manually operated windows in a recessed variant for flat coverings – here falsified Prefa template – installed so-called for the meeting, for an undisturbed exterior transition between the windows. The window frames are designed without preparation for the blind, in white and natural finish. Note the made inner lining along the windows, which is oblique, to ensure sufficient thermal insulation, however, with regard to the access of light to the interior.

On the right side there is a combination of a window manually operated and electrically operated, both in white. The windows are fitted in a Bramac bag covering with a standard shoulder depth, with a gap between the windows formed by a drain trough. The manually operated window has a frame in a design with an integrated insect net and a holder for a compact clothes dryer. Clips are installed on the outside to fit the outdoor awning on the wing. The electric window is plug&play with integrated control unit and transformer at the top of the frame with access via stainless steel cover bar.


Note: The continuity of 3D scans is never 100% and may cause local image distortion or line continuity violations.