The flashing of roof windows is used to connect them to the roof covering, or between each other. It is made of painted aluminum sheet with a durable surface finish in P10 Anthracite, with a 40-year warranty.

Flashing according to the type of covering

  • standard flashing for flat coverings (without pleated strip)
  • standard flashing for profiled coverings (with pleated strip and sealing wedges)
  • standard flashing for folded coverng (extended edges without water grooves)
  • extra recessed flashing for folded covering (extended edges without water grooves)
  • extra recessed edging for flat coverings (standard edges with water grooves) 

Combi flashing

  • for connecting windows to each other
  • for combinations of windows above and next to each other
  • elegant one-piece panels for pairs of windows next to each other
  • fitting windows side by side “at a meeting” without disturbing transitions