An exterior awning is the most effective form of seasonal shading of roof windows on the sunny side, preventing the interior from overheating while maintaining limited light transmission and visibility.


The outer awning is hooked behind spring hooks located in the corners on the outside of the sash. The hooks on the underside of the sash are foldable so as not to obstruct the cleaning of the outer glass.


We recommend the installation of an exterior awning for the entire season, when protection against overheating is required.


During disassembly, the awning is manually wound on the guide rods, so for practical reasons we do not recommend removing it during the summer months.


Compatible window design for awning:

  • manually operated window with / without integrated preparation for blind / insect screen
  • electrically operated window



Please note that the outdoor awning cannot be mounted on a combination of windows next to each other due to lack of space, unless there is a U-profile edging between them and they are installed at a so-called meeting point.