The electrically powered window can optionally be controlled by a wifi module via an application on a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. The mobile phone thus replaces the classic single-purpose remote control, which can drain the battery and is not always at hand like a telephone.

The module must be located within reach of an available wifi network – a home router – preferably in a switchboard cabinet on a DIN rail, connected to the network and connected to the window with a cable of an external controller CYKY-O 3 x 1.5.

The module is equipped with four potential-free switching channels for controlling two windows independently of each other, or two groups of windows with a coupled control circuit.

The eWeLink application for mobile phone is downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

The system supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In the application it is possible to create time schedules for opening / closing windows


Compatible window type for remote control:

  • electrically operated window