• Electrically operated top-hung window


The frame is equipped with an integrated box in the upper part for storing the control unit with a transformer, covered from the front with an access decorative stainless steel bar. The network connection window made in this way immediately becomes fully functional without the installation of additional devices.


Characteristics of electrically operated windows

Control: Two-button, located on the right side of the lower part of the frame, or an external potential-free blind controller or wifi module via the application in the mobile phone.

Available sizes – width x length:

  • 80 x 102 cm
  • 80 x 122 cm
  • 80 x 142 cm

Roof pitch:

  • 15 – 90 °

Opening angle:

  • 60 °


  • insulating triple glazing with the composition 4-16-4-16-4
  • Ug 0.57 Wm²K
  • all ESG thermally toughened glass
  • warm stainless steel spacer frame Chromatech ULTRA F
  • decorative colored enamel stripe RAL 7016


  • all-round uninterrupted frame two-component four-lip seal made of black EPDM rubber, inserted into the groove

Insulation frame:

  • the wooden frame is fully insulated with a block of rigid polyurethane foam with low thermal conductivity


  • two electromechanical linear struts with position sensor


  • supply cable CYKY-J 230 V
  • potential-free external control cable CYKY-O 3 x 1.5


ATTENTION: The handle on the lower left side of the frame is secured with a worm against movement and is used only for the purpose of opening the window without power supply (installation) or in case of failure for access to electromechanical lifters. Functionally, the handle unlocks the latches holding the jack pins in the working position and allows their movement in the support rails and thus the opening and securing of the window. Due to the fact that with this method of opening, the entire weight of the sash is lifted without support, it can only be carried out by a qualified person during installation or the manufacturer’s service technician!