• Manually operated top-hung roof window without integrated blind / insect screen preparation

The frame is made in a smooth design without preparation for mounting integrated elements. Subsequent installation of shading elements is possible only by standard procedures for commonly available blinds / nets, ie. drilling into the frame, where the installation damages the frame and reduces the effective area of the glazing. We recommend that you consider the choice of this variant.



  • Manually operated top-hung roof window with integrated blind / insect screen preparation



The frame is equipped in the upper part with a box with a covering stainless steel bar for inserting a roller shutter cylinder with a shielding fabric or an insect screen. There are longitudinally milled guide grooves in the frame, in which the guide rail of the blind moves. A standby clothes dryer can be inserted into the grooves. For the function of the blind, it is possible to leave the dryer folded in the lower part of the frame, for the function of the insect screen it is necessary to remove it.

Characteristics of manually operated windows Control

The opening handle on the lower left side of the frame unlocks the two-position latches of the fittings, at the same time by pressing the handle on the sash we open the window, close it by pulling it and slam it shut it in the locked position. By pulling the handle halfway through it, the latches are unlocked to the joint micro-ventilation position, when the window cannot be opened by force. Closing the window from this position should be done by slightly opening the window and then slamming it so that the sash seal fits properly.

Available sizes – width x length:

  • 80 x 102 cm
  • 80 x 122 cm
  • 80 x 142 cm

Roof pitch:

  • 15 – 90 °

Opening angle:

  • up to 60 °


  • insulating triple glazing with the composition 4-16-4-16-4
  • Ug 0.57 Wm²K
  • all ESG thermally toughened
  • glass warm stainless steel spacer frame Chromatech ULTRA F
  • decorative colored enamelled strip RAL 7016


  • all-round uninterrupted frame two-component four-lip seal made of black EPDM rubber, inserted into the groove

Insulation frame:

  • the wooden frame is fully insulated with a block of rigid polyurethane foam with low thermal conductivity


  • two cylindrical spring lifts made of stainless steel
  • progressive characteristics provide the required force in each position
  • the adaptive brake holds the window in any position