Given that we managed to achieve the possibility of mounting side-by-side windows, ie without a transitional U-profile, it was only a matter of time before we tried to create the possibility of fitting the windows on top of each other without visible transitional flashing parts. These transition hats can be disruptive for some people in stacks when they horizontally divide an otherwise solid window area in the plane of the roof. Advantageously, it should be possible to mount our windows so-called above the rafter, when even if the windows are brought together from the outside, from the interior there is enough space between the grooves for the lining of adjacent windows for supporting beams, which are then covered during linings / soffits.

While it may seem that this adjustment of the fitting should mean at most a change in the external flashing, it is far from easy and will also require a change in anchoring due to lack of space, sash adjustment to ensure full functionality of the assembly and overall watertightness of adjacent elements. .

We will work to improve this solution and report on the results.

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