About the properties of glazing

The influence of the inclination of the roof window on its overall value of the heat transfer coefficient Uw is a neglected feature from the customer’s point of view, but this does not apply to designers who are aware of this negative influence and fight with roof windows from the point of view of the energy demand of the entire building, or rather against them. The problem of the very…

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We develop – we prepare

Given that we managed to achieve the possibility of mounting side-by-side windows, ie without a transitional U-profile, it was only a matter of time before we tried to create the possibility of fitting the windows on top of each other without visible transitional flashing parts. These transition hats can be disruptive for some people in stacks when they horizontally divide an otherwise solid window area in the plane of the…

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About the concept of WAPITI windows

Dvojice střešních oken vedle sebe - Side-by-side roof windows - Nebeneinanderliegender Dachfenster

In the article ABOUT DINOSAURES, we focused on the concept of classic windows, we have sufficiently critized it, but we also acknowledge that this window design has been used for decades, has brought many benefits to the attic in the form of light, but also problems such as condensation, mold and loss. heat. There have been historically several attempts to break free from the pliers of the classical concept, most…

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